The Women Lawyers Journal (WLJ), a quarterly NAWL publication dating back to 1911, provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information for NAWL members. The WLJ prints the news and views of the membership, promotes association programs, discusses substantive issues affecting women in the law and women in society, and promotes the agenda and objectives of NAWL.

Call for Papers:

Four volumes of Women Lawyers Journal are published annually and we accept queries and submissions throughout the year. Your article or query should target our sophisticated, well-educated, career-focused female association membership.

We are always looking for fresh angles on bread-and-butter stories about career development, self-promotion, work-life balance, retirement planning, office etiquette and generational issues as they pertain to employee and peer relationships within law firms. We encourage profiles from organizations with successful programs for recruiting, promoting and retaining women. We welcome profiles of successful women lawyers, particularly those who would serve as inspiration to our readers. And we also look for analysis of legislation that affects women.

Other topics of interest include managing technology (for example, how lawyers use Twitter in daily practice; how tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media may have been used as evidence or to enhance a practice). How firm recruiters use social media in decisions to hire or not hire. How education debt affects career and life decisions made by young attorneys.

WLJ’s member news section is a good venue for keeping our readers informed about what is going on in your firm.

We also accept reviews of books with a broad interest to our Women Lawyer members.

With a few exceptions, WLJ follows the Associated Press Stylebook. Researched articles should be submitted with endnotes, as opposed to footnotes. Article length is dependent on topic. The editor reserves the right to edit or rewrite any article to suit the magazine’s needs; however, major alterations will be discussed with the author.

You may submit your queries, articles, and member news via email to You may also call 312.988.6186 to discuss article submissions.

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