Judicial Professionalism Awards

The Women Lawyers of Pasco Judicial Professionalism Award is awarded in recognition of a jurist's continuing efforts to foster a relationship between the bench and the bar, and to encourage those who practice law to maintain high ethical standards and to present themselves as models of civility and patience for others to emulate.  Past winners are picture in the slideshow.

For screenreaders:  The slideshow contains one slide for each prior winner, and features a photograph of the winner receiving the award from one or more WLP presenters. The winners are: 

2015 Honorable William Webb     2016 Honorable Shawn Crane   2017 Honorable Linda Babb  2018  Honorable Jack Helinger 2019 Honorable Kimberly Sharpe Byrd       2020 Honorable Paul Firmani   2022 Honorable Kim Campbell

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