WLP Recipients of the FAWL Leader in the Law Award

Nominated by FAWL chapters, these outstanding women have made significant impacts in our community.  This recognition is intended to promote women who are not necessarily at the pinnacle of their career, but who have nonetheless made meaningful contributions in their communities through their legal service or volunteer activities and who have provided a positive role model for FAWL members. 

This award is presented to members in each local FAWL chapter who are licensed to practice law (lawyers, judges, mediators, etc.) and who:(1) have earned the respect of others professionally; (2) have been involved in legal and non-legal activities for the betterment of their local communities; (3) exemplify the qualities of a positive role model; (4) have advanced the cause of women in their local community; and (5) are active members of FAWL (membership dues are paid for the current year).  Nominations are due to FAWL generally in Early February, and the awards are presented at the FAWL Reception at the the Florida Bar Annual Meeting.  Have a suggested nominee?  Please email us at info@mywlp.org


Cristen Martinez


Dineen Pashoukos Wasylik


Tonya Oliver

Amanda Colon


Amanda Colon

Theresa L. Fitzpatrick2017 

Theresa L. Fitzpatrick

Jenny Scavino Sieg


Jenny Scavino Sieg

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